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One can have many choices when choosing a service provider – but if you want the very best, BGP is your only choice.

Our purpose since day one has been about delivering solutions with cyclical redundancy and unmatched network talent, being proven by our current high-availability architecture that maintains security and stability of all our client’s servers.

Additionally, BGP holds autonomy to self-network governance, bypassing the need to rely or follow third-party standards so that we can quickly change the client routing to the best possible route whenever issues arise! We run our own BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) out of AS64050.

Network of Regions and Edge Locations

With point-of-presence (PoP) in Asia, United States, Europe and more to come, our network is diverse and is a prominent choice for optimized connectivity, routing and peering through multi-homed network hosts, fully redundant carriers and network equipment. We work with a diverse range of top tier providers such as NTT, PCCW, Teliasonera, Singtel and China Telecom and have been successful in reducing pings, cut packets loss and choke for all our clients.


Our network is built from ground-up with top-class server infrastructure, hardware, and software for maximized networking potential and reliability. Each network port and server rack, automatically equipped with 10G bands can be connected with the public Internet over our private network for even faster speeds!

  • Fully redundant Juniper Networking architecture
  • Multi-provider issued DDOS Protection
  • Cloud-Ready
  • Secured networking
  • NOC team 24×7


BGP offers blended bandwidth mix so that clients can cherry pick any key advantages they want for their multi-homed network. Our premium Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers include:

  • NTT Communications
  • PCCW Global
  • Teliasonera
  • Singtel
  • China Telecom
  • China Unicom
  • China Mobile

CHINA ACCESS’s CHINA Performance Network can get you from China to Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul to China in just a record-setting 5-20ms! Just traceroute your Asian customers from inside their own networks and compare it with ours, and see to believe the difference! Our China Performance Blend Network is ready and available for deployment from our Data Centers in Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo, and the optimized connectivity from Hong Kong enters China via ShenZhen and Shanghai to all Southern China provinces including GuangDong and Fujian. As for Seoul the connection accessed China at QingDao and Shanghai, while the connection from Tokyo is routed through Shanghai.

BGP’s China Performance Network Blend is directly hosted alongside top-tier providers listed below:

China Telecom CN2 (China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network, AS4809)

  • Delivers supreme connectivity and network resiliency in comparison to standard Chinese telco.
  • Provider for over 200 million Internet users in China and hosts 70% of Chinese Internet content resources.

China Unicom

  • China Unicom’s backbone (AS4837) keeps network latency to near-zero figures.
  • Provides access to the most diverse IP backbone under high capacities in the country.
  • Issues comprehensive peering agreements with carrier partners (that’s us!) for integrated solutions covering international carriers, ISPs, content providers, and content delivery networks.

China Mobile

  • CMI (AS58453), the only gateway for overseas carrier to access CMNet (AS9808).
  • CMNet (AS9808) has the largest number in mobile plan subscribers in China and is the host for the top 1000 .cn websites and content providers in the country.
  • Interconnectivity with over 30 Tier 1/2 ISPs and major Internet Exchanges.

IP Exchanges

Smaller regional ISPs and some distant large networks exchange traffic in regional public internet exchanges through outlets including HKIX, SGIX, BBIX, Cambodia Network Exchange, Thailand IX, Equinix, LG U+ and the like, each of which have been successful in their undertaking to empower connections, reduce resource overload and improve load balancing for all users.